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Berghorst & Son, Inc.
1906 Division Street
Hull, Iowa 51239

(712) 439-2132
(888) 217-2132
FAX (712)-439-2523

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Berghorst & Son, Inc.
1906 Division Street
Hull, Iowa 51239

Phone: (712)-439-2132
Toll Free: (888)-217-2132
Fax: (712)-439-2523


Family owned business, started in 1955. Incorporated in 1964.

Present Owners:
Orville Van't Hul, President, Treasurer  & CEO
David Van't Hul, Vice President
Todd Kooi, Secretary

Office Manager
Marlys Nettinga

All the owners are active in the business.

Berghorst & Son, Inc is committed to excellence in service at fair and competitive prices.

Providing service to 48 states and Canada.

Berghorst & Son, Inc. uses the latest innovations in hydraulic lifting and transporting equipment.

We have 3 divisions:

Rigging and Heavy Hauling
House Moving
House Raising for New Basements









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Berghorst and
Son, Inc.  has been in business for 55 years. We offer a variety of moving and rigging services for
a wide range of applications.
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